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Sarah & Nick's Wedding At Notley Abbey in Thame

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah and Nick at their home farm back in 2019 to discuss their initial plans for their wedding. From the moment I met them I knew we were going to get along, they were very easy going, fun, animal lovers and generally a very happy and cute couple, and I immediately got excited to photograph there wedding.

As a couple who were a little nervous about being in front of the camera, they not only survived their engagement session, but they rocked it! The engagement session is a great way to ease some of those pre wedding photo jitters if you have them and also a great opportunity to use the photographs at your wedding ( this couple used them along with other photos from throughout their relationship where each guest was seated for the wedding breakfast )

Sarah and Nick's initial wedding date landed on my birthday (4th December incase anyones wondering!) however due to covid restrictions like a lot of people they unfortunately had to move it once, and then a second time which landed their date on the 4th July 2022, which I must admit for 7 Months apart, the season hadn't really seemed to change much! Although we were quite lucky other than the odd little shower we managed everything else outside that we had hoped for and made the absolute most of the dry weather we had!

The day started at the home farm where Sarah and her 3 Bridesmaids, Maid of Honour and little flower girl were getting ready, everyone seemed very relaxed when I turned up which is a great vibe to start the day off with. I arrived early at about 8:30 - it gave everyone plenty of time to get used to me wandering around with my cameras and not feel so uncomfortable about it. Everyone had their beautiful sage green wedding robes on - even the little flower girl had one ( and it was just the cutest thing! ) which mades the bridesmaids dresses in colour, Sarah was wearing an identical robe but was white. When I first arrived I got the detailed shots of the dress, the shoes and anything that had been put to one side for me to photograph. Once the make up and hair was underway that was the next thing to capture and the general fun and bubbly atmosphere the girls had with the excitement running through the rooms.

Once the bride has slipped into her dress I was let into the room to capture there final buttoning up of the dress from her Maid of Honour, to then open the door as she revealed her dress to her bridesmaids and the pictures really say it all, she looked absolutely beautiful.

I then quickly shot off the get to Tring church before many guests arrived so I could photograph detailed bits inside and also guests arriving, the groom waiting with their Spaniel who was their ring bearer and also shortly followed by the brides arrival. I knew after the ceremony we would be hanging around after to capture some family formals so we were praying for the nice weather to stay just for a little bit longer!

We were so luckily because after the church bells rung and the couple were announced husband and wife we managed to come outside, set up for the confetti ( which Rolo their spaniel absolutely loved btw) and held some family formals..

After the church the next stop was Notley Abbey, if you are unfamiliar Notley Abbey is situated in Thame and is a beautiful venue with beautiful grounds and a stunning long driveway leading down to it. I loved the marque set up they had done outside with the fairy lights and on the opposing side they had some garden games set up like Jenga and chess. We did play a little bit of chicken with the rain at this point, we would go out for formals, then it would begin the rain, we would then go back into he marquee and I would basically be on weather watch, as soon as it stopped raining I would be on roll call to round people back up again - luckily everyone saw that it was the best we could do and were absolutely fine with it, they all managed to get their drinks in.

The hassle we had with the rain meant we were a little short on time for the couples pictures, but that was absolutely fine, we managed to swiftly get all the pictures done we wanted in time before dinner and those that we didn't quite get we did after dinner as the weather was still bright for us.

Dinner was beautiful, its held in a separate room to when you come in, Notley Abbey is blessed with an abundance of rooms for lounging in for you and your guests. After dinner came the speeches which had everyone in tears, whether it was tears of joy or tears of emotion, there's was most certainly a loving atmosphere held in the room. Shortly followed the cake cutting and the first dance, without a dance floor the couple held their first dance in the middle of the room where all eyes were on them, followed by other couples in the room.

The wedding as a whole was absolutely beautiful, beautiful venues, beautiful setting and a beautiful bride.

I can't hesitate when I say that this couple deserve a lifetime of happiness together and I was absolutely honoured to capture their wedding for them.

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