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Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Hi everyone! I hope you are all surviving lockdown best you can, whether thats dealing with working from home, dealing with your kids 24/7 ( my hat goes off to nursery staff and teachers! ) whether you now have your partner at home with you 24/7 which is either great! ( more family time ) OR you have an extra kid on your hands. Whatever your situation is I hope you are staying safe and trying to find the silver lining from it day by day. Mine has been spent with plenty of time with the little one in the picture beneath with baking, playing, nursery rhymes (please stop asking for the wiggles and mr tumble!) but thankfully, she still naps - life saver!

Toddler playing after baking some muffins at home in wendover

My blog today I thought I would make the most of my extra time I have to write a little helpful note on those of you looking for a wedding photographer- Congratulations btw!! Now that couples are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel I have been having a few more wedding enquiries for next year, so I thought I would put a few questions and tips to look out for and ask when searching for your photographer. I LOVE photographing weddings, the joy of the day, the emotion, the laughter, and they're just absolutely beautiful, to be welcomed into being a part of someone else's wedding is something to take with pride and not to take lightly.

However with SO many of us out there, how do you go about choosing your right photographer for your special day? This is going to be someone who you are possibly going to have spending 8+ hours with you on your most important day, you want to make sure you choose someone who ticks all your boxes.


1. Do you have my date available?

This may seem pretty straight forward - however you don't want to go through all the hassle of asking every other question on the list to find out that they are perfect only to find out that they're not available on your date. Check the date first.

2.How many weddings have you shot/ experience?

Couple dancing at a wedding reception at Buckinghamshire venue Notley Abbey

This one will come down to preference of what you are looking for. Weddings are a uniquely busy, hectic event. A photographer needs the experience of having worked in weddings to have mastered capturing those special candid moments, getting ready, the ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, speeches, first dance, cake cutting and also the small and fine details.

I am very honest and open by saying that I have only done a small handful of weddings, however I have completed those weddings with glowing reviews. Most importantly, find someone who is passionate about wedding photography and about capturing your special moments from dawn until dusk **Be wary of anyone who isn't honest, if they say they have years of experience but later you find out they have only shot a friends wedding, somethings not quite right.

3.Have You Worked at Our Venue Before? If Not, Will You Visit Beforehand?

Also, not the end of the world, if the photographer has already worked at the venue before they will already be aware of the lighting, the lay out and the location. If the photographer has not already worked at the venue before and is not offering to visit before hand, just bear the above points in mind. I personally always re-visit venues a couple of weeks prior to the wedding date to get a feel for the lighting at certain times of day when the time has been put aside for family and couples shots. I also will take a drive around the various locations the couple have booked for the day to familiarise myself with the route - nothing worse than a lost photographer who doesn't know where they are going!

4. What Wedding Packages Do You Offer?

Wedding album