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The Photographs That DON'T Make It To A Photographers Portfolio

So, as a photographer, I take plenty of photos in each photoshoot that I do - at a ratio of maybe 70/30? So that means roughly 70% will end up on the online gallery for the client to view, and 30% will go straight to the trash for different reasons, and then potentially maybe 1 or 2% will make it onto the online portfolio in a photographers gallery. so what happens to that other 68%? It sits on the photographs computer never to be seen again. Well, I want to change that and open that barrier and show you some of the photographs that you wouldn't generally see on a photographers website, for different reasons - and then the alternatives that you would see! This is a little insight to some of the strange images a photographer can capture whilst they're doing a shoot to try and capture that perfect one. Hopefully it's not just me! Not every photograph a photographer will capture will be perfect.

1- The weird faces ( Part 1 )

Now- as an animal lover and owner, I know first hand all the strange types of faces my dog will pull and the poses she will do. Below on the left is one of my favourite 'Bad' Photographs because the facial expression, I just find it hilarious as I'm sure does her owner - yet for a portfolio, its probably not her best side! The one on the right is the one that is on my website from the same session.

2 - Toddler Tantrums I'm sure every toddler has these, at least I hope its not just ours! These photographs are actually of my own little girl when we were scouting out some new locations for photoshoots, just as I got into position to take the photograph - she had other ideas.. not one for the portfolio to advertise photoshoots! However the one on the right would be the one to make it online.

3 - Funny faces ( Part 2 )

The complete opposite to the photograph above. Everyone loves pulling a funny face, especially the kids, if the kids start getting a little restless or pre occupied, getting them to pull funny faces is a great way to get them to engage and showed off the personality of the family! Again - a great image for the family, but not one you will often see on photographers gallerys. Again the one on the right is a much more 'normal' portfolio image representing family photoshoots.

4 -Strange Photographs

So this type of photograph I enjoy capturing a lot - kids playing in puddles, genuine smiles are the best! This particular shoot the little girl LOVED playing in the puddles and there are a couple that are on my gallery, however on the left where it looks like she is perhaps flyboarding in the smallest puddle ever, is one that I can say didn't make it.

5 -Grumpy Faces

Now - this is very similar to the one a couple above, except this little girl was in a perfectly happy mood, she just didn't want to smile for me, and not every little one will want to believe me. It just involves a few bubbles and teddies to break out the smiles! On the right is a much better portfolio image however you have the break through the left hand side one first.

6 - Strange Guests

Now for a family photo you can expect all sorts of different poses and positions, some natural some set up - I definitely prefer the natural images which you would be able to see from my galleries. However one you won't see on there is the one below on the left where the family came across a frog on our walk. This would be potentially a strange one for a gallery image however for the family it's quite special. Generally you will see family photographs such as the one on the right, nice and natural, and I even caught the little girl looking straight at me.

7 - When little ones loose their footing

Now this is another common one with little ones on photoshoots, slips, trips and falls. The photographs below are almost a backwards before and after. The image on the right is a before hand shot which is on my gallery with a stunning moody sky. Then we took a few steps forward and the image on the left happened, my little girls beautiful yellow coat was no longer yellow, although this is an image thats captured a split second emotion and event, perhaps rolling in puddles isn't the best image for advertising children's photoshoots.

8 - Just not looking at the camera

If I had a penny for every photograph I have taken where someone wasn't looking at the camera? Well, I would certainly be donating hundreds to charity right now! But thats perfectly fine, if you are someone who prefers more natural shots ( like myself ) sometimes you don't always want them looking at the camera, it creates a more natural feel for the image, however for this type of shot, I did need them both looking at me. Trying to get a dog to look at the camera is step 1, (treats) trying to get a 14 month old to look at the camera is step 2 ( pull funny faces ) trying to get both dog and 14 month old to look at the camera whilst taking a fully focused and pin sharp photograph, that involves steps 3 - 100! The image on the left I didn't quite master it and probably would sit on my computer with no-one seeing it, but then as you can see, the one on the right, nailed it.

I hope this gives you a little insight to what goes on for a photographer during photoshoots, every photographer works differently with a different style and different layouts and work style, but I can guarantee that every single photographer has some priceless photographs sat on their computers that no-one has ever even seen!

Sian Pill SianP Photography

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