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SO.. Whats a Blog??

SO.. everywhere I seem to research online about maintaining a website or getting your business name spread, the word BLOG keeps appearing, A word I can't say I am too familiar with, however... here I am about to begin telling you my story (the power of the internet I guess!)

So me... who am I? You're either on my website because you know me, you have seen my facebook/instagram page, or you've seen a business card of mine and you were interested in what photography I have to offer. If you have come across my website in a different fashion then one of those above please do contact me and let me know! I get very excited when people come across my website in different ways - even if its just that the power of google is working!

Anyway.. me.. I am the mother of one beautiful ( very energetic, terrorising ) little 1 year old girl, Isabelle, who If you're not careful will not only steal your heart, will also steal the food off your plate. I also have a border collie fur-baby of 4 years. I am a girlfriend of 6 and a half years to Jamie, met in college many many years ago, after many ups and downs as most people would, we realised that something kept bringing us back together, something other than the love of Dominoes Bbq base pizza and chocolate. We as a family also discovered that moving house, having a baby, both working full time and keeping your sanity is a very tricky balancing act, which I am sure some of you can relate to!

Now, I've always loved photography, I've always enjoyed taking pictures and editing them and improving them then going back to the same place to get a better picture or to try again, and you can kind of paint the picture. Since I was old enough to be responsible with it I've always had a 'fancy' camera, not just a phone to point and click a button, but it was only after having my little girl I decided I wanted to push my dreams into a job. Someone said to me a long time ago about why don't I pursue photography as a career, and my answer was simple 'If I turn my hobby into a job, what do I do for a hobby?' and yes, this is still true, though I now understand the importance of following what it is that you enjoy, if I turn my hobby into a paying job that I enjoy the thought of every single time I wake up in the morning I must be one of the luckiest people there is surely?

SO, here I am, with my website, writing my blog, self trained photographer from everything from the camera I hold in my hand to being expertly skilled on multi programmes to edit your photographs.

(I am very surprised Isabelle stayed asleep long enough for me to write this in one go!)

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