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Large Family Photoshoots

It's been a long time since I have written a blog - you would think with lockdown I would have had the time! Unfortunately with a partner who has been working throughout lockdown, a nearly two year old running riot in our house all day every day, and an engagement a few months back, safe to say it's been a very strange, exciting and unpredictable year. I had the please of holding a family shoot the other week of an extended family, inclusive of 3 generations! This was the first one of these I have done so I wanted to write a little bit about the prep work, the shoot and show you some of the pictures! Whenever I hold any shoot, I will always have a shot list that I and the client want to capture. Before any shoot there is always a questionnaire that is emailed out which has a few little questions on which can help me get a better understanding of what you are looking for from your shoot. This can give me a good indication of what it is you are hoping to have captured and from that I can create a shot list. This particular shoot, due to the varying of generations have a variety of people they wanted in different shots - me knowing this before hand was super helpful as I had a some great prep time working out my shots and how to run fluently from one to another. Once I had this sorted, I was ready for the shoot. On arrival after meet and greet and the general nitter natter, I will always run through the plan for the session, I always want clients input so if there is something they really want captured to just let me know as we go along, and finally I always ask people to remove keys and phones from pockets - its surprising how distracting they can be in images and they are a nightmare to try and remove in post process.

The shoot itself was great fun, We started off with a warm up shot.. and then into some natural walking shots, some hip bumping and plenty of laughing!

After these fun and natural shots we moved into some statics, and worked round the shot list that we created to ensure each of the shots that was wanted to be captured was.

My main aim was to capture all the shots with little Harris at the beginning, so if he started to get grumpy we already had the shots with him in, thankfully he was a very happy and cheery boy throughout the session which made our lives that bit more simple. Once we had captured all the shots with little Harris we then moved onto the couples at the end of the shoot whilst Harris had a little play and a feed.

I am now super excited to be booking in Autumn Mini Sessions on some set dates up at Wendover Woods, and also Autumn full sessions for £125 (£145 for newborn) - the colours in Autumn are beautiful and make a stunning backdrop for photoshoots. Get in touch today if you have any questions or would like to get booked in! :) Speak soon!!

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