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How a Friday afternoon becomes Friday night as a blogging photographer.

Hi! So, for those of you who read my first blog you will know a little bit about me, and you'll know I have a little lively bundling 1 year old girl. Friday afternoons are my chance of peace and quiet, when I get a couple of hours between finishing work and collecting from her nursery where I get time to think, so Friday afternoons will become time to blog (hopefully).. except this one became Friday night as I've been staring at this screen on and off debating what to write about, I've written paragraphs and then deleted them, and I've walked off and come back, I then had Chinese take away... and come back again.

So I've realised that as a photographer I feel you need to be open and honest about the way you go about your work and how you feel with your work.. so lets start with how my weeks been. Monday I managed to go to the spa with my best friend.. a very much needed catch up and relax! Then we got locked in an underground car park.. there's no need to dwell on with that. 2 days at work.. for those of you who don't know I'm also a Manager at a coffee shop in Haddenham and Thame Parkway, Little Italy Espresso Bar - come check it out!

Then Thursday I had a photoshoot booked in with a lovely lady and her little 17 month old boy.

I was a little nervous, as I am before any photoshoot, for me this is good it gives me good energy and I am passionate about giving my client the best and relaxed experience, I don't want you walking away having not had a good time, even if you love the photos, that's not the point.

Despite the nerves I was so pleased with how the photoshoot went, the little boy was adorable and took a great fascination to my fish-tank in the living room. The lady had brought lots of props which made my life easier, for a Christmas shoot and a white background you can't go wrong with a sleigh, some baubels, glitter and crackers! (apart form it looks like a glitter bomb has hit the house!) Most kids photoshoots you have to be prepared that they are going to be pretty un posed because trying to get a 1.5 year old to pose is just near on impossible, so as the photographer you just have to work around them, with patience and lots of snacks and encouragement by mum, by an hour and a half later we had got some great photographs. What meant the most to me after this photoshoot however was that the mum said to me 'Its so nice to have a photographer who is really friendly and good with kids' that means so much to me, that means they've had a good time and that I've done a good job. Now the next day after their shoot I was up early before Isabelle was up and before I went to work editing photos. I came home, tried to write this blog, failed so edited the photographs, and got them sent out this evening. The lady was thrilled with them and its so warming to know that I have created something for someone that they're now going to now treasure forever, not only the photographs, but the experience of the photoshoot. I've got to say after this photoshoot I'm really looking forward to my family shoot I have on Sunday Morning In Whipendale woods .. keep an eye for my next blog!

If you are after a kids photoshoot or a family photoshoot, you know where to drop me a message and ask any questions :)

This time Isabelle's fast asleep in her cot for the night, and I've left Jamie watching I'm a Celeb downstairs.. well it keeps him quiet whilst I'm typing anyway! :) xx See You Soon!!

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