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Holding a photoshoot - at someone else's house

So yesterday I did my first photoshoot at another persons house, though I was excited this came with a number of challenges and excitement. Challenges that I faced that went through my head was what space I was going to have to set up in, the lighting set up natural light vs my box lights and flash, the sheer volume of stuff I was transporting the family probably thought I was moving in for a week, and on arrival it turns out I had to work around getting the equipment in ( and back out) without letting their cat escape, I thrive on a challenge.

The mum was lovely enough to have cleared room for me in their living room which made my life much easier, and my setting up much quicker - apart from me loosing a tripod that was right in-front of me the whole time.. ( I blame it on Isabelle waking me up at 2:00am ) I had opted on a white backdrop as explained to the family not to wear white otherwise they would potentially look a little like floating heads. A white back drop for newborns and children is generally a safe option as it makes the pictures nice and bright and newborn and children's skin is nice and soft and silky looking in pictures which the white just enhances. Once the back drop was up I managed to squeeze a box light front left whilst my external flash and umbrella was situated front right to ensure I had a good light cover. The photoshoot I was doing today was of a scrummy little 6 week old boy, and 2 beautiful girls of 4 and 5.. should of been fairly simple? Well we had our ups and downs. Once mum managed to settle Owen the little boy we started off with his photographs, we made the most of whilst he was settled and calm, laying on my squishy poof and blanket he looked quite at home, however with most newborns it was short lived.

So whilst mum went back to soothing and feeding I carried on with the 2 girls - now they were hilarious! Between trying to get them to sit in a certain way, trying to get them to wear Santa hats, trying to get them to lay down and shuffle together - we managed to get some greta shots of them smiling, and laughing, and actually sat together. The biggest challenge was once Owen was settled was keeping everyone nice and quite to re arrange the girls so that their little baby brother was in the photographs with them, it was a bit of a challenge and again he wasn't really in the mood for pictures that day but we managed a few which hopefully the family will keep treasured forever. For me a photoshoot isn't just a photoshoot - its create images and memories that people are then going to keep and remember, I am sat in-front of my computer still editing their photographs and typing this blog with my earphones on with the photoshoot been and gone, however the family are eagerly waiting on their photos which (I hope) they will look at and love and treasure, and relate them to an enjoyable experience, not a dry and static photoshoot where the photographer says to stand someone and look here, look there. Family photoshoots are about having fun and laughter, you won't always get ever single perfect shot, but everyone will go home with a smile on their faces and that's what I want to capture I want to capture natural laughs and smiles. Which hopefully you can all see from below. Thank-you to the family for being so accommodating with me basically moving in for a couple of hours! :)

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