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Christmas Photoshoot

So, the other week I tackled my first Christmas photoshoot, it actually went really well! The lady was sent over to me after speaking to

Megan Guard

(who btw, I probably shouldn't say this but if you don't wish to use me as a photographer - she is amazing!) after she was fully booked, Meg passed over the ladies details to me for me to get in contact. ( I was was a little cautious as I was yet to do a Christmas photoshoot ) but I made this clear to the lady and she was happy and after arranging it all, I honestly couldn't have been happier how it turned out. When Scarlett and Kasper arrived it was instantly a relaxed atmosphere, and when parents bring lots of props it definitely helps out a photographer. We had a sledge, outfit changes, baubels, a Christmas hat, Christmas Pj's, you name it, it was fantastic! Kasper was a very happy little Chappy from arrival, a little wary of me as a stranger but he was bound to be, the first 10 minutes or so is letting the child get used to the photographer and get familiar with their new surroundings, I must say he took a particular interest in our fish tank which he stood watching for most of this time. For 80% of the shoot he also remained cheerful, smiling, laughing, happily sitting where mumma put him. Towards the end you could see that tiredness was kicking in and no amount of snacks or favourite Masha Bear was going to solve this. This is why photoshoots with younger children and newborns have no set time as its down the their own mood how long it lasts, all you can do is be patient. Once he started to turn his nose up at each picture I was taking we decided to call it a day - he lasted a good hour an a half so we couldn't really complain!

Once we manage to locate all the props and baubles that had managed to get scattered across my living room which to be honest I expected nothing less, I said goodbye to them both and once I had packed away the equipment I was keen to upload them onto my computer and look through the images I had taken. This is where there tends to be a big divide for most photographers, some instantly don't like them due to their own expectation - but love them the next day. Some instantly love them - but the next day find flaws. I am not sure which I am yet, there will always be a good selection of my photographs that will instantly go into the trash where I was adjusting with settings, or a little moved, or not quite the right light, or someone decided to bust into tears, because nobody wants that on their image gallery! However, when you get end results like the ones below.. how can you complain with a few that go into the trash.

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