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15 top tips on how to take the best pet photographs!

Updated: May 14, 2020

Hiya! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Sian Pill of SianP Photography. I am a Buckinghamshire based photographer and I specialise in weddings, families, newborn and pets. Taking photographs of pets can be super hard, they're always moving, not looking at the camera or they're asleep. Which sometimes makes a beautiful shot, but 20 pictures of fido asleep on the sofa isn't something you necessarily wish to hang as wall art.. ( I know, I've been there, I have countless images of my dog asleep on our bed ) Here are some of my personal tips and tricks to help you capture those beautiful shots of your pets that you will want to keep and show off.


Step 1 is to introduce your pet to your photo taking technology whether it's a phone or camera. Pets won't be so inclined to hide away or be shy if they are familiar with what's in front of them, let them sniff it, see it, maybe not play with it though. You may be lucky enough to have a pet who is completely relaxed and at ease - In which case they may just be curious in what your holding and come and take a look, like this little guy did for me.

black and white cat in grass - how to take pet photographs


Planning when your going to take the photos is important, sometime they're doing something crazy and its a quick grab and snap opportunity, but if you are planning to take some photos, when you take them could make all the difference, waiting till after your 5 mile hike may seem like a good idea because they will be tired out and more co-operative, however fido then probably isn't going to want to sit there nicely for some photos and will be more interesting in falling asleep somewhere. For my pet photo sessions I have 3 stages,


Border collie sat in woodland on photoshoot in buckinghamshire

To start with before we go any where once they are familiar with me and my camera we will take some static shots, sitting, laying ect, before they have their slobbery tongue hanging out the side of their mouth.


Action shot of border collie in Buckinghamshire

Next step is that we will go for a walk, thats why the dogs there, it puts them at ease - they're having fun, its great for action shots of them running around and playing and having a good time! On the walk we will also stop off in different areas for a variety of back grounds and different shots.